A-Z Program List May 2021

A Good Book    Monday-Friday 10:00PM        

AA Grapevine Friday 6:00AM,  Tuesday 3:00AM

ACB Reports   Saturday  11:00AM 

African-American Hour Monday 7:30AM, Saturday 3:00AM

Amateur Radio News  Sunday 7:00PM, Friday 4:30AM

American History Friday 9:00AM, Tuesday 1:30AM

Animal Companions    Thursday 3:00PM   

Are We There Yet?  Friday 6:30AM 

Assistive Technology Update   Sunday 6:00PM, Tuesday 12:00AM

Arizona Capitol Times Friday 3:00PM,       

Arizona Daily Star    Monday -  Friday,  12:00PM,  Saturday 7:00AM,  Sunday    1:00PM

Arizona Daily Sun  Monday-Friday 5:00PM, Sunday 1:00PM        

Arizona Highways Magazine   Monday 8:30AM

Arizona History  Monday 8:00AM

Arizona Mirror Thursday 8:00AM

Arizona Republic    Monday-Saturday  4:00PM        

    Sunday 1:00PM        

Arizona Traveler Saturday Wednesday 7:30AM  

Audio Book Reviews    Sunday  7:30PM  Sunday 11PM  

Bedtime with Nana Deb  Sunday 8:00PM

Big Picture Science    Sunday  4:00PM,  Monday 2:00PM      

Bigler's World    Tuesday  8:00PM   

Blind Abilities  Sunday 6:30PM. Saturday 2:00AM          

Book World    Monday-Friday  9:00PM     

Business World    Monday 11:00AM,  Tuesday 3:30AM        

Car Show    Sunday  11:30AM        

Careers    Sunday  12Noon,    Monday  6:30am    

Christian Science Monitor Magazine    Monday  10:30PM , Tuesday 8:00AM      

Christian Science Monitor    Tuesday-Thursday 10:30PM 

Christianity Today - Sunday  6:30AM  

Chronicles of the Old West   Friday 12:30AM              

Contemporary Short Stories     Friday  2:00PM & 11:30PM

Cooks Corner    Wednesday 1:00PM,  Thursday 12:30AM        

Cuentos    Friday  11:30AM,  Wednesday 4:00AM   

Diabetes Newsletter   Sunday 10:00AM,  Friday 2AM   

Disability News     Wednesday 8:00PM,   Saturday    10:00AM,  Sunday 3:30AM

Down to Business   Saturday11:30AM,  Wednesday 2:00am

Earth & Home    Saturday  12:30PM,    Sunday 2AM

East Valley News    Monday-Friday  3:30PM              

Entertainments Weekly    Saturday  2:00PM,  Thursday  5:30AM            

Get Fit With Gay    Tuesday, Thursday,  Saturday  6:30AM 

Greater Good Magazine  Sunday 6:30am, Saturday 8:30am(repeat)      

Green Thumb    Saturday 1:00PM,  Sunday 2:30AM     

Green Valley News  Monday & Wednesday 9:30AM 

Grocery Ads    Wednesday 12 Noon,  Thursday 4:30AM,   Friday  8:00PM 

Guidepost Magazine  Saturday   7:00AM

Harper's/Women's Magazines  Wednesday 7PM, Sunday 4:30PM

In Tune with Music   Sunday 8:30PM

Inspiration    Sunday   7:00AM        

Job Opportunities    Sunday 12:30PM,  Monday  6:30AM

Just One Thought   Sunday 7:30AM, Tuesday 2:30am, Saturday 1:30AM

Listener Beware  Wednesday 1:30PM

Men's Magazine's   Thursday 12 Noon, Friday 4:30AM   

Military History  Saturday 6:00AM, Tuesday 2:00AM

Mojo Magazine   Saturday  11:30PM          

Music & the Spoken Word  Sunday  8:00AM        

Mysteries/Crime Short Stories  Tuesday 2:00PM & 11:30PM

National Geographic  Saturday  6:30PM

Native Sun Monday 3:00PM, Friday 2:00AM

Natural Health  Sunday  8:30AM   & 3:30AM    

New Letters on the Air   Sunday 10:30PM 1st and 3rd week

New Times  Saturday 10:00PM     

New York Times   Monday & Wednesday 7pm        

Northland Views  Monday-Friday   3:30PM        

Noticas de Arizona  Wednesday 11:30AM,   Thursday 4:00AM

NY Times Magazine  Sunday 3:00PM,  Thursday 12:30AM     

Open Mind Saturday 8:00am, 

Our Voices Our Sounds  Monday 7:00AM,   Tuesday 1:30AM

Outside Magazine  Saturday1:30PM  

People's Pharmacy   Sunday   9:00AM        

Philosopher    Tuesday 7:00AM,   Sunday 5:30AM     

Phoenix Magazine  Wednesday  8:00AM

Poetry   Sunday  10:00PM        

Points of View    Monday  8:00PM,   Friday 7:00AM 

Prescott Daily Courier  Monday-Friday 9:30AM     

Reader's Digest Thuesday 9:00AM

Reminiscing   Tuesday  3:00PM                

Rolling Stone  Saturday  9:00PM        

Romance    Tuesday 1:00PM,  Wednesday 5:30AM       

Saturdays in Tucson  Saturday 9:30am     

Sci-Fi with Michael Koski  Wednesday 2:00PM, Thursday 12:00AM

Science-Fiction Short Stories   Saturday   8:00PM 2nd, 3rd, 4th week, Thursday 12:00AM

Science Matters  Sunday  5:00PM,   Monday 3:00AM 

Smithsonian Magazine    Saturday   7:00PM,    Friday  2:00AM

Smithsonian Air & Space   Saturday  7:30PM,   Friday  2:30AM

Soap Opera Stars  Tuesday 9:00am 

Southern Living  Wednesday 3:00PM, Wednesday 4:00AM        

Sports Illustrated Thursday 11:00AM

Sports Today  Tuesday & Thursday 7:00PM     

Sun City News  Wednesday  6:30AM      

Sunday Arizona Republic  Sunday    1:00PM, Monday 12 Midnight        

Tabloids    Saturday  3:00PM             

The Atlantic Magazine   Friday 8:00am, Monday 7:00PM

The Economist    Monday  12 Noon,  Tuesday 4:30AM        

The Environment   Sunday  10:00AM        

The New Yorker    Monday  1:00PM,  Tuesday  5:30AM        

The Onion    Saturday 11:00PM,  Monday 11:30PM

The Theatre   Sunday  9:00PM    2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks    

The Week   Friday  1:00PM,  Saturday 5:30AM        

Time Magazine  Friday  12Noon, Saturday 4:30AM        

Touch of Gray   Wednesday  9:00AM , Wednesday 3:00AM   

Tucson Weekly  Friday 9:30AM

Under Western Stars    Sunday 10:30PM  2nd and 4th week of the month

Untamed Shrews  Sunday 9:00PM 1st Sunday of the month

Vanity Fair    Monday    2:00PM,  Tuesday 12:30AM        

Wall St. Journal    Monday-Friday    10:00AM     

Washington Post Monday-Thursday 6:00PM  

Weekly Reveille    Thursday  7:00AM

West Valley Digest (Tempe)  Saturday  9:00AM        

Western Short Stories   Thursday  2:00PM, 11:30PM 

Women's Magazines    Tuesday 12 Noon, Saturday 8:00AM   

World News   Monday 9:00AM   

Yes! Magazine Saturday  7:30AM

Yuma Daily Sun    Monday-Friday    9:30AM