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Sun Sounds of Arizona was featured on Horizon this week. Click here to see us in action!
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Women's Club Visits Sun Sounds

Members of the ARC Women's Club in Ahwatukee visited Sun Sounds to take a tour and learn more about the service and the variety of ways to listen. Last year Sun Sounds received $500 from the ARC Women's Club at their spring luncheon. They were able to see Sun Sounds volunteer, ARC member and Ahwatukee resident Dick Lovins read the Wednesday Wall Street Journal which airs at 10am. The tour ended with a trip to our radio room where radios are stored and sent out to new listeners.

Dick Lovins reads the Wall St Journal.  He is wearing headphones, a plaid shirt and is reading into a microphone.

Volunteer Dr. Dick Lovins reads the Wall St. Journal

4 women stand in front of a shelf of radios

ARC Women's Club members Bev Shillinger, Ann Schminke, B.J. Stites, and Stephanie Thompson visit the radio room.