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Our Supporters

We want to say thank you to our supporters.

An Update From Sun Sounds

We want to keep our staff and volunteers safe. In order to comply with the CDC's recommendations on COVID-19, Sun Sounds volunteer readers will not be coming to our studios to read or record programs. How will this affect our programming schedule? You will not be hearing your morning paper in the morning, as we will broadcast it later in the afternoon. Some of our afternoon shows will run in the morning. And some shows will be running on repeat while we will also be filling in our daily schedule with different magazines or programs from other reading services or sources.

Please know that we will do our best to continue to bring you your local newspapers, grocery ads, national newspapers, and other daily and local information. We appreciate your patience during this time. You can always receive programming on demand here.

Please do your best to stay healthy and be kind to each other. Thank you.

Here is What a Gift to Sun Sounds Buys

Your Gift Can Help

$15 buys a subscription to a magazine for a year

$30 buys a radio for a year for our listeners

$65 buys 30 minutes of broadcasting for our listeners.

$120 buys a new microphone.

$250 buys production of a 30-minute program once a week for a month.

$500 buys production of a 60-minute program once a month.

$3,000 buys production of a 30-minute program once a week for a year.

$6,000 buys production of a 60-minute program once a week for a year.

Hear Arizona is Here for You

Cross walk by cement stairs. A black banner is across the photo with the words, "(in)accessible" written across

Hear Arizona is a podcast initiative that is addressing issues and empowering our community. The newest series is (In)Accessible delves into all aspects of living with disabilities. 

The newest episode illuminates some of the opportunities and challenges related to finding housing, adding modifications and Universal Design. 

Listen here: https:/ 

Man with dark hair, and goatee and red tee shirt sits in a wheele chair
Marcos Castillo sits in his backyard.


(Photo by  Jaye McAuliffe)