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Sun Sounds of Arizona was featured on Horizon this week. Click here to see us in action!
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A Donation Could Be Sitting In Your Driveway

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Hear Arizona is Here for You

Woman with short grey hair, black turtleneck and black pants bending sideways


People serving food at St Vincent de Paul.HearArizona is here for you, addressing issues and empowering our community.  There are stories dedicated to important issues in our community and empowering listener to find answers.  Aging and unaffordable housing are just two of the topics addressed on HearArizona.   You can hear it now at:




Plate Shared with Sun Sounds

Three women stand in front of the Sun Sounds table top set up.  Middle woman (Mares) is holding a sign that says Share the Plate.
Sun Sounds Outreach Coordinator Mares Wright holds the sign, "Share the Plate" with Madelyn Doerr, Assistant Administratoron, left and Leslie Stallcop,Administrator on right.


 Sun Sounds Outreach Coordinator, Mares Wright, brought Sun Sounds to the  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of   Phoenix on Sunday.  Sun Sounds  was the recipient of, Share the Plate,  and received a donation from the members.