Sun Sounds of Arizona programming is designed for, and directed to, people who cannot read conventional print due to a disability. Our programs may not be redistributed without our written consent.

New Broadcast Schedule

Beginning July 1st Sun Sounds will have an updated Broadcast Schedule.  It will be mailed to you in the upcoming weeks in either large print, Braille or cd, or we will email  you an e-copy.  Some of these changes are new beginning July 1st, and some of the changes are new since the last guide.

Here are some of our program changes since the last guide:

Some of the changes include a change to the Tucson program schedule

The Tucson Grocery Ads will be moving to 11:00am on Wednesday.

This means that the Arizona Daily Star will air Monday-Friday at noon.

At 5:00pm in Tucson you will now have access to the Economist, Women’s Magazines, The Grocery ads, Men’s magazines and Time Magazine.

Changes during the day

Monday 7:00pm - The Atlantic

Wednesday 7:00am – Nice News (new show) – Wake up to some good news for the week that will start your day with a smile on your face.

Wednesday 7:30am – Arizona Traveler moves into this time slot.

Wednesday 3:00pm - Southern Living Magazine

Wednesday 7:00pm – Harper’s Magazine

Thursday 1:00PM – Due to fallout from the pandemic Dakota Livsey has stopped producing Chronicles of the Old West.  We have continued to air repeats of this show for over a year, but now it is time to  make way for National Geographic at 1:00pm and Arizona History at 1:30pm.

Friday 9:00am – American History

Saturday 8:00am – Open Mind Magazine – Lee Klose helps you to open your mind to different views on life and living.

Saturday 8:30am – Greater Good Magazine (in repeat)

Saturday 11:00am – Disability Time - Get set for a different disability show every week.

Saturday 6:00pm - Military History

Sunday 6:30am – Greater Good Magazine (new show) – the psychology of well being for you to live your best life.

Sunday 7:00am – Just One Thing -  Sometimes it’s only a small thing that can make a difference in your life.

Sunday 10:30am – Eyes on Success – Disabilities need not stop you from living and achieving things.

Sunday 5:00pm - Science Matters – Stay up to day on the latest science discoveries with Cynthia Elek

Sunday 11pm - Nice News (repeat)


Broadcast Schedule Update

Large Print Broadcast schedules have been mailed.  If you did not receive one please let us know at 480-774-8300.  The audio cds and Braille guides will be mailed out shortly. 

You can also access  updated broadcast information and schedule on the Broadcast Schedule Link.  The audio version is available on-demand.

DVS Audio-Described Movies and Special Programming 


September Movies

Friday  September 8 – Pictures of Dorian Grey – A corrupt young man keeps his youthful looks while a portrait of him ages and shows his true evilness. George Sanders, Donna Reed and Angela Lansbury. Drama, fantasy


Friday September 15 – The Saint – A thief is hired to steal the secrets of cold fusion and must Val Kilmer , Elizabeth Shue –action, PG-13


Friday September 22 – Clueless – A socially successful high school teen must deal with the typical teen-age ups and downs while trying to balance, her friends, social like  and matching up two of her teachers.  Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, comedy, PG-13


Friday September 29 – Up – An elderly man gets to visit a place in his childhood fantasy, Paradise Falls, when balloons lift up his house and carry him and a stowaway up and away.  Ed Asner, John Ratzenberger, PG- animated, fantasy


Shows at Your Fingertips with On-Demand

Sun Sounds has added some new programs to the daily line up:

Sports Today — Monday to Thursday at 7pm (The Washington Post will move to 6pm). Hear about the results and analysis of the weekend sports and then later in the week get set for what’s coming up.

Arizona History — Mondays at 8am. Arizona has its own brand of history and a magazine dedicated to it. Learn about the old day of Arizona that brought us to where we are today.

Living Without Limitations — 3rd Saturday of the month at 11am. An update of accessibility and enabling technologies.

Christianity Today — Sundays at 6:30am. Get a Christian viewpoint on the latest topics and news of the day.

Under the Western Stars with Tony Norris — 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10pm. Cowboy poetry, stories, and songs about growing up in the west.