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Information on the General Election voter propositions is coming up as we talk to Alberto Olivas,  Executive Director Pastor Center for Politics and Public Service at ASU.  You will learn about what the ballot propositions are, what a "yes" or a "no" vote means and what are the details of Prop 127 and clean energy?  You will also learn how all the judges up for reelection fared. 

Wednesday 10/10 3pm in place of Coping

Thursday 10/18 3am in place of Earth and Home

Wednesday  10/24 8pm in place of Disability News- A special half hour version of Disability news will air at 8:30

Sunday 11/3 -  3:30am- in place of the repeat of Disability News with the half hour Disability News to follow at 4pm

Sunday 11/3 - 12:30pm in place of Careers.  

First Saturday DVS Movie

The DVS movie the First Saturday at 8pm will be, Hancock, starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman

An alcoholic Super Hero whose behavior causes millions of dollars in damages  gets and image makeover from a PR executive he saves from an oncoming train. PG-13-- Action drama