Sun Sounds of Arizona programming is designed for, and directed to, people who cannot read conventional print due to a disability. Our programs may not be redistributed without our written consent.


The next First Saturday DVS Movie, is Saturday March 7 at 8pm.  Stay tuned for more details!

Shows at Your Fingertips with On-Demand

Did you miss your favorite program this week?  Do  you wish you could go back and listen to a recipe you missed or catch a mystery story whenever you want to listen? That is the beauty of our on-demand service.  You can catch you favorite programs whenever you want, by going to our on-demand link. 


Our On Demand now offers more programs that are not part of our broadcast day. You can enjoy on-demand only programs such as:
  • AA Grapevide
  • AZ Law 
  • Bon Appetit
  • Food & Wine
  • Guidepost 
  • National Geographic
  • Native Sun
  • NY Times Magazine Extra
  • NY Times Op-ed
  • New Yorker Extra
  • Southern Living
  • Sun Sounds Specials
  • Space Program
  • Wall St Journal Editorials
  • World News