Wednesday Morning
6:30 AM   Sun City News
7:00 AM   Historian
7:30 AM   Are We There Yet?
8:00 AM   Christian Science Monitor
9:00 AM  Touch of Gray
9:30 AM   Yuma Sun
                  Green Valley News (Tucson)
                  Prescott DailyCourier (Flagstaff)
10:00 AM  The Wall Street Journal
11:00 AM   Bajo El Sol
11:30 AM   Noticias de Arizona
Wednesday Afternoon
12 Noon  Grocery Ads - Frys, Food City, Basha’s Safeway, Albertsons, Sprouts and other local grocery stores.
1:00 PM   Cook’s Corner – Quick and easy recipes from your favorite cooking magazines.
1:30 PM   Listener Beware – Don’t fall for the latest scams.
2:00 PM   Science Fiction – Sci-Fi with Michael Koski
3:00 PM   Teen Beat
3:30 PM   East Valley News  - San Tan and Queen Creek News
4:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 1 – Front page, national news, local news, opinions
5:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 2 – Obituaries, business, sports
Wednesday Evening
6:00 PM  Washington Post
7:00 PM   Sports Today - Recap of weekend sports and a look ahead to the games coming up
8:00 PM   Disability News – Disability articles, updates, and events
9:00 PM   Book World
10:00 PM   A Good Book
10:30 PM   Christian Science Monitor
11:30 PM   Science Fiction
Wednesday Overnight
12:30 AM   Cook’s Corner
1:00 AM   Tabloids
2:00 AM   Women’s Hour
3:00 AM   Earth & Home
3:30 AM   Bajo El Sol
4:00 AM   Noticias de Arizona
4:30 AM   Grocery Ads
5:30 AM   Entertainment Weekly