Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Award

Sun Sounds won the prestigious Virginia G Piper Charitable Trust Award, which was based on our Encore Volunteers!  Encore-stage volunteers are people who are over 50 and bring their talent, skill and experience to an organization. Over 80% of our volunteer corps are baby boomers or traditionalists who have contributed hours of work to further the mission of Sun Sounds. The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust recognized Sun Sounds as being on the forefront of utilizing Encore Workers. Volunteers Barbara Acker, Rose Dreyer, Gene Giesaking and Roy Weinberg, as well as some of the workshop attendees participated during the selection process.  September and October were crazy for the staff and volunteers that worked with the film crew members, a photographer, and an interviewer.  Roy Weinberg even received a house visit to film his "Cone of Silence". Barbara Acker facilitated two Voice and Diction workshops, one of which was filmed. A special thank you to all staff and volunteers for being patient throughout the chaos and questions while you prepped and read your shows.