Saturday Morning
6:30 AM   Get Fit With Gay
7:00 AM   Guidepost Magazine
                  Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
7:30 AM    Yes! Magazine
8:00 AM    Open Mind 
8:30 AM   Greater Good Magaine (repeat)
9:00 AM    West Valley Digest
                   Northern Arizona Life (Flagstaff)
9:30 AM    Saturdays in Tucson - Tucson
                  Readers Anthology - Flagstaff
10:00 AM   Disability News - Disability articles, updates, and events
11:00 AM   Tech in the Desert/ACB Reports – American Council of the Blind updates and information/Disibility programming
11:30 AM    Down to Business –magazines, and other articles to help you manage your money.
12:30 PM    Earth and Home – Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV and Mother Earth News
Saturday Afternoon
1:00 PM    Green Thumb – Gardening hints and articles
1:30 PM    Outside Magazine        
2:00 PM    Entertainment Weekly
3:00 PM   Tabloids – Star, Enquire and Globe
4:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 1 – Front page, national news, local news, opinions
5:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 2 – Obituaries, business, sports
Saturday Evening
6:00 PM   Military History
6:30 PM   National Geographic
7:00 PM   Smithsonian Magazine
7:30 PM   Smithsonian Air & Space
8:00 PM   Science Fiction Short Stories
                 Monthly Audio-Described Movies - the first Saturday of the month.
9:00 PM   Rolling Stone
10:00 PM  Phoenix New Times (Discretion advised)
11:00 PM  The Onion
11:30 PM  Mojo Magazine
Saturday Overnight
12:30 AM Animal Companions
1:00 AM   Guidepost Magazine
1:30 AM   Yes! Magazine
2:00 AM   Earth and Home
2:30 AM   Green Thumb 
3:00 AM   Natural Health
3:30 AM   Disability News
4:30 AM   Harper's Magazine
5:30 AM   Philosopher