Information Access Delivery Formats

Sun Sounds of Arizona provides audio access to information to people who cannot read print because they have a disability. Service is available on the radio, telephone, and internet as a live stream or podcast. Sun Sounds of Arizona is also available in hospitals and residential facilities around the state. In fact, there are eight ways to tune-in. Sun Sounds of Arizona provides access to information many ways.  Ways to Connect 

Round On-demand button

Registered, eligible persons may download, on demand, daily readings of newspapers and other current print on their accessible PC’s, tablets, or smartphones. Sun Sounds of Arizona is providing nearly every program it broadcasts as an on demand offering; some 85 programs representing almost 200 different print publications in a month.

“We’re continuing to provide the daily newspaper and other publications in our 24/7 broadcast” Sun Sounds of Arizona Executive Director Bill Pasco said. With the new, listen-on-demand web page at, people with accessible smartphones can hear news an information on a par with their sighted or unimpaired peers.

This major enhancement to making print accessible for a print-disabled audience is a game-changer.  “We recognize that people with print-disabilities are of all ages and varying technology levels. People who live with vision loss desire the same instant-access to newsprint as sighted people have.”  Pasco is a consumer of Sun Sounds of Arizona reading and information access services, having been legally blind for his entire adult life.  

To refer someone who needs assistance reading current print, or to apply to become a volunteer, visit our home page at or call 480-774-8300.