Tempe/Central Valley & Yuma
AZ Republic
Monday - Saturday
7:00 AM Front page stories of AZ Republic, Valley & State news
7:45 AM USA Today cover stories.
8:00 AM Sunday and Monday: Death Notices, local business & local sports.
8:30/8:35 AM local opinions & editorials including E. J. Montini, Laurie Roberts, Robert Robb and other local editorials
8:45 AM Horoscopes, Clay Thompson, Click & Clack (on Saturday) Dear Abby, comics & birthdays.

Monday through Friday
9:00 AM East Valley News

Flagstaff & Northern Arizona
Northland Views
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM
Monday - Grand Canyon News
Tuesday - Holbrook Tribune
Wednesday - Cottonwood Journal Extra
Thursday - Navaho-Hopi Observer
Friday - Williams-Grand Canyon News

Tucson & Southeast Arizona
Arizona Daily Star
Monday through Saturday
7:00 AM Headlines and front page stories
7:20 AM Local news
7:50 AM Business news
8:00 AM Death Notices, Editorials & Opinion
8:45 AM Sports
9:00 AM Horoscopes, Dear Abby, Comics
9:15 AM Light news

Green Valley News
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
9:30 AM Lead stories and news
9:45 AM Death Notices (when available)
9:50 AM Columns and editorials

The Wall Street Journal - Statewide
Monday through Friday 10:00 -11:00 AM
10:00 AM Economic and business news
10:30 AM Money and Investment
10:55 AM Dow Jones Report

Tempe/Central Valley & Yuma
USA Today
Monday through Friday 6:00-8:00 PM
6:00 PM Front Page News - national and international news
7:00 PM Money
7:20 PM Sports
7:40 PM Life

Flagstaff & Northern Arizona
Arizona Daily Sun
Monday through Saturday 6:00-8:00pm
6:00 PM Front page news, state and local news
7:00 PM Obituaries
7:05 PM Horoscopes
7:12 PM Dear Abby
7:20 PM Opinion page
7:35 PM Sports
7:50 PM Business news

Tucson & Southeast Arizona
Tucson USA
Monday through Friday 6:00-8:00pm
6:00 PM Front page USA Today, local news from the Star, National, Washington & World from USA Today.
6:40 PM USA Today editorials, local opinions & letters
7:00 PM USA Today Money cover story & local business news
7:20 PM USA Today Sports cover story & local sports
7:40 PM USA Today Life cover story & local lifestyle articles

Expanded Sunday Editions 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Tempe/Central Valley and Yuma
Sunday Arizona Republic
1:00 PM Front page news, local news and politics and The Communities.
1:40/1:45 PM Valley and State In-Depth cover story, local AZ & Southwest stories.
2:00 PM Listing of Death notices - Names only, local business (AZ Economy) & Local sports.  
2:35 PM Local viewpoints, editorials & opinions including E. J. Montini
2:45 PM Horoscopes, Clay Thompson, Dear Abby, & comics

Flagstaff/Northern AZ
Flagstaff Sunday Sun
1:00 PM Front page news
1:35 PM Perspective, editorials, letters to the editor
1:49 PM Sports
2:00 PM Neighbors, Learning
2:20 PM Calendar
2:30 PM Books
2:40 PM Business

Tucson & Southeast Arizona
Sunday Arizona Daily Star
1:00 PM Front page news - national & international news
1:40 PM Regional & local news
2:00 PM Death notices, editorials & Letters
2:20 PM Local business news
2:30 PM  Sports
2:40 PM  Horoscopes, Dear Abby
2:50 PM Comics