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Why Volunteer at Sun Sounds?:

Volunteer reading at console

Sun Sounds volunteer Bill Davis put it this way, "Volunteering helps the volunteer!"  Here are some other reasons:
• Volunteering makes you feel needed.
• Volunteering can lead to learning new skills.
• Volunteering helps you meet new people and creates new understanding of diversity.
• Volunteering can create new contacts which may help your business or career

 Can volunteering Make a Difference?
• More than 100 million American adults volunteer annually — that's 56% of all adults.
• Volunteers contribute an average of 3.5 hours per week
• 59% of teenagers volunteer an average of 3.5 hours per week — that's 13.3 million volunteers totaling 2.4 billion hours at a total value of $7.7 billion.

 Take the First Step to Becoming a Sun Sounds Volunteer

Click on this link and fill out an  application.  You will be  contacted by your local affiliate with more information on how to start your volunteer journey.

Tempe affiliate volunteers will be contacted with information on the date  of  our next Volunteer Orientation, which takes place at Rio Salado College.  At the orientation you will learn about the various volunteer opportunities at Sun Sounds as well as the Division of Public Service.  This is the time  when you can  sign up to schedule a reading test if you choose.  Once you take the reading test you will be notified as to how well you did. If you passed we will set up training and a reading schedule for you.

Flagstaff, Tucson and Yuma affiliate volunteers will be contacted by the Station Manager or Volunteer Coordinator from their closest affiliate.


 The Arizona Republic includes volunteering at Sun Sounds in Top 60 things to Tackle in Your 60s
While volunteering for Sun Sounds of Arizona didn’t make Dave Letterman’s Top 10 list of things to do in retirement… it made The Arizona Republic’s Top 60 Things to Tackle in Your 60s.
You don’t have to wait until your 60s to volunteer. If you have a skill and passion for reading or you just want to get involved in helping a worthy community service continue its mission… while you have some fun… then fill out the online application today.

Your local Sun Sounds of Arizona affiliate.
•  Flagstaff – Serving Northern Arizona 928-779-1775
•  Tempe – Serving Central Arizona 480-774-8300
•  Tucson– Serving Southern Arizona 520-296-2400