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If you are interested in Sun Sounds of Arizona presenting to your civic organization, senior’s groups, assisted or independent living facility, or, disability or low vision groups, please contact us at Thank you.

About Sun Sounds of Arizona

SSun Sounds logoun Sounds bridges the information gap between current print media and people who cannot use it because of a disability.

Mission: Sun Sounds of Arizona provides audio access to information to people who cannot read print because they have a disability.

Vision:  Sun Sounds of Arizona will make creative use of technology and talent to ensure that every disabled person has the opportunity to access the current and local information necessary to a self-directed, productive life. As a result, the inability to read print will no longer be considered a disabling condition. Sun Sounds of Arizona will continue to be a leader in the field of information access services and a willing partner to organizations with like goals.  Sun Sounds of Arizona is innovative, committed to quality and to customer satisfaction.

Core Values

We are committed to demonstrating, assessing and being accountable for the following core organizational values:

We are stewards of the written word, and we honor the trust that members place in us to faithfully deliver access to print information without editorializing or censoring.

Inclusiveness and Diversity
We respect and value each individual for the unique perspectives, experiences, and strengths that he or she possesses.

We believe in being fully disability accessible to every staff person, volunteer, and member in every aspect of our organization.

Spirit of Service
We value the spirit of service which permeates the staff and volunteer culture of Sun Sounds thereby creating a friendly and caring environment.

Lifelong Learning
We value learning as a life-long endeavor, unrestricted by disability.

Freedom of Choice
We believe that our customers and members have the right to choose their information access solutions, and that their available choices should be comparable to the array of choices available to the general public. No single technology or information access solution will be considered the only solution to be made available to people with print-disabilities.