Time to Re-enroll

Frys VIP cardAre you supporting Sun Sounds with your Fry’s Rewards card? It is time to re-enroll your card to benefit the Sun Sounds Foundation. Starting on August 1st, visit https://www.frysfood.com/topic/community/#/new-community-rewards-program - just like you did when you first signed up. Remember, there is no easier way to donate to Sun Sounds than by doing your daily grocery shopping.

Listener Survey

We would like to find out a little bit about our Sun Sounds listeners.If you are a listener to Sun Sounds just click this link and take a short survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5D6KCPY We want to find out about you and your listening

Having Trouble Hearing Sun Sounds?

We are replacing our broadcast tower and are broadcasting at lower power. You may have trouble receiving us for the next couple of months until our new tower is up.

Election Specials

With the elections just around the corner you can stay informed on elections information.
Join Lloyd Rain every Wednesday night at 8pm for profiles on the candidates running in Yuma.
Alberto Olivas will be talking about the races to watch in AZ, the ballot propositions, The Arizona Corporation Commission, and the Maricopa Community College System Governing Board races, and all those judges up for reelection.  You can hear it:
Saturday Oct 22 at 11am
Tuesday Oct 25 at 8:30pm
We will also air the Maricopa Community College District Governing Board Forum
 Friday Oct 21 at 2pm
Saturday November 8th at 7pm
You can also access the voter information pamphlet on Sun Dial II at 877-361-8821. Sun Sounds of Arizona wants you to be an informed voter.