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  • Rain Guage

    If you have not yet added your support to our campaign, please consider helping by going to and making your gift or pledge today!

    By now, you likely heard that our Tempe beer tasting festival was – well, “drowned”.  What you may also know is that that festival typically provides $50,000 or more for the operation of our network headquarters in Tempe.  While the loss is most keenly felt in our Tempe operation, because Tempe is not only a local service but a network head-end, funding losses like these have the unfortunate effect of tightening belts statewide – if those dollars are not replaced.

    We’ve asked our existing donors to “add” an extra gift to their usual generosity and they have responded wonderfully.  As of this writing, we have received about $8,000 of extra donor-support to help fill that “Rainy Day” fund.