Thursday Morning
6:30 AM   Get Fit with Gay- Exercise your way to a new day no matter what your ability.
7:00 AM   Weekly Reveille
8:00 AM   Christian Science Monitor
9:00 AM   Readers Digest
9:30 AM   Yuma Sun-Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff Daily Courier-Flagstaff
10:00 AM   The Wall Street Journal
11:00 AM   Sports Illustrated
Thursday Afternoon
12 Noon    Men's Magazines – Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health and other men’s magazines.
1:00 PM    Chronicles of the Old West- with Dakota Livesay
2:00 PM    Western Short Stories – Louis L’Amour and other Western authors.
3:00 PM    Animal Companions
3:30 PM    East Valley News – Ahwatukee and Tempe News
4:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 1 – Front page, national news, local news, opinions
5:00 PM   Arizona Republic Hour 2 – Obituaries, business, sports
Thursday Evening
6:00 PM   Washington Post
7:00 PM   Sports Today - Recap of weekend sports and a look ahead to the games coming up
8:00 PM   Children’s Stories
9:00 PM   Book World
10:00 PM  A Good Book
10:30 PM  Christian Science Monitor
11:30 PM   Western Short Stories
Thursday Overnight
12:30 AM   Chronicles of the Old West
1:30 AM    Arizona Highways
2:00 AM   Native Sun
2:30 AM   Cuentos
3:00 AM   Points of View
4:00 AM   Amateur Radio News
4:30 AM   Men's Magazines
5:30 AM   Listener Beware