Sunday Morning

6:30 AM Religious News
7:00 AM Inspiration
7:30 AM Angels
8:00 AM Music and the Spoken Word
8:30 AM Natural Health
9:00 AM The People’s Pharmacy
10:00 AM Diabetes Newsletter
11:00 AM The Environment
11:30 AM Car Show
Sunday Afternoon

Noon Careers
12:30 PM Job Opportunities - Arizona job openings with a focus on opportunities for print-impaired people (call Tempe at 480-774-8300, Tucson at 520-296-2400 or Flagstaff at 928-779-1775 to request specific job categories).
1:00 PM Sunday Arizona Republic, Tempe/Central Valley and Yuma*
Sunday Arizona Daily Star, Tucson & Southeast Arizona
Sunday Sun - Flagstaff / Northern AZ
3:00 PM NY Times Magazine
4:00 PM Big Picture Science - Produced by the Seti Institute, it takes a look at the big topics with leading researchers and a bit of humor.
5:00 PM Science of our Times

Sunday Evening

6:00 PM Mindscapes
7:00 PM Touching the Future
8:00 PM In Tune with Music
9:00 PM The Theatre
10:00 PM Poetry - Poetry selections
10:30 PM New Letters on the Air - Secrets of writers of poetry, fiction and plays.
11:00 PM Short Stories - Mystery

Sunday Overnight

12:00 AM Sunday Newspapers
2:00 AM Careers
2:30 AM Science Fiction
3:30 AM Science of our Times
4:30 AM Mindscapes
5:30 AM Touching the Future
6:30 AM Job Opportunities