Application and Registration for Service

If you encounter difficulties with the application or have any questions, please call Sun Sounds of Arizona at 480-774-8300 for more information.

  1. ELIGIBILITY - You are eligible for services from Sun Sounds of Arizona at no charge if you cannot read printed materials due to a disability.
  2. VERIFICATION REQUIREMENTS - Please provide the name, title and phone number of a verifying authority such as a Doctor, Registered Nurse or Professional Staff of a Medical Facility or a Public or Private Agency, or a Sun Sounds Representative. Their signature is not required but we may contact them to verify your eligibility.
  3. NOTIFICATION - It is important to notify Sun Sounds if and when you change your address and/or your phone number. Updated Program Schedules will be mailed to the address we have on record.
Please complete the following information on race and ethnicity which will provide Sun Sounds of Arizona eligibility for federal funds.
If you live in a facility

Program Schedule

How did you hear about Sun Sounds?

This Section Applies To Sun Sounds Radio Service Only. This is a Statement of Agreement and Responsibility

Please understand that the Sun Sounds Radio Receiver is on loan to you and remains the property of Sun Sounds. The radio will be returned to Sun Sounds when it is no longer in use.

Please provide a contact person not living with you. This person may be living outside of Arizona. They will only be contacted if your mail is returned and you have not notified Sun Sounds of your new address and phone number.

I have read the information furnished and will abide by the terms set forth by Sun Sounds of Arizona.

Services Available Statewide

  • FLAGSTAFF: 1300 S. Milton, #202, Flagstaff AZ 86001, Phone: 928-779-1775, Fax: 928-779-1775 (listen for the prompt, then press 9)
  • TEMPE: 2323 W. 14th St., Tempe AZ 85281, Phone: 480-774-8300, Fax: 480-774-8310
  • TUCSON: 7290 E. Broadway, #166, Tucson, AZ 85710, Phone: 520-296-2400, Fax: 520-298-6676

Arizona Braille and Talking Book Library

Arizona Braille and Talking Book Library will deliver library books and recorded material, as well as playback equipment, free of charge. They will contact you for more information. Sun Sounds of Arizona will not share or sell information on this application. The information will only be used as a referral to Arizona Braille and Talking Book Library where specified and requested.