Michael Hayden says Good-bye...

Mike HaydenI have really enjoyed my time here at Sun Sounds and can say with confidence that I have grown a lot here in my career and as a person. While I was studying at The Conservatory, they had an unspoken rule when working in the studios that you 'leave it better than you found it'. When I first started here I told myself that I was going to make Sun Sounds of Arizona better than what I had found it to be.  And I firmly believe that with your help I am leaving it not only better than I found it, but ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family and experience this unique opportunity.  This is a special place and I will miss it.

Jorge SanchezJorge Sanchez will fill in where I left off producing live broadcasts, overseeing all production engineering and post production, maintaining online media streams, and training and supervising operations staff and volunteers.

He joins us from K-BACH/KJZZ, where he will continue his current duties in addition to his new role with Sun Sounds. Jorge supervises the Technical Operations Center and associated computer equipment used in monitoring the on-air signals. He also provides preventative maintenance and corrects any identified issues pertaining to the Technical Operations Center.

Jorge has over 14 years’ experience in both the Broadcast and IT industries, and has worked in both English and Spanish Television stations. He worked a total of 6 ½ years for the Telemundo\NBC Network and 8 years for Channel 3.