Holiday Programming Schedule


Saturday December 24 - Christmas Eve                           
11am   Las Christmas Stories by Latino Authors read by  Laura Horochowski                   
12 Noon  Christmas Stories read by   Murry Everson                   
12:30pm  Christmas Miracles read by    Bill Graham                   
1pm    A Cup of Christmas Tea  read by  Carol Hampton                   
2:00    Amahland Night Visitors read by   Duart Martin                   
3:00    Christmas Short Stories with Jo Frances read by   Jo Frances Colymore                   
3:30    Christmas Short Stories with Susan Kelly read by   Susan Kelly                   
4:00    A Special Hannukah from Flagstaff                   
5:00    Christmas Stories with Nancy read by Nancy Lefkowitz                   
6:00    Christmas Stories & Poems for Children read by Debbie Morand                   
7:00    Christmas Stories read by Diane Salisbury                   
7:30    Gift of the Magi and other Christmas Stories read by Chris Kelly                   
8:00    Murry's Christmas Stories read by Murry Everson                   
8:30    Samatha's Christmas Stories read by Samatha Dickins                   
9:00pm    Flagstaff Christmas Carol presented by The Flagstaff Players                   
10:00    Christmas Classic Short Stories                       
11:00    Chrismas Madrigalia  from  WXXI- Rochester, NY                   
12Midnight   A Dickens Christmas  from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
12:30am  Carols Then & Now from the  Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
1:00am    Joy to the World presented by  Mollie O' Brien West Virginia Public Radio                   
2:00    Nancy's Christmas Stories read by  Nancy Lefkowitz                   
3:00    The Messiah from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
3:30    Oh Holy Night from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
4:00    Gene's Christmas Stories read by Gene Geisiking                   
4:30    Christmas Poetry presented by Douglas Martz                   
5:00    Christmas Madrigalia presented by WXXI  Rochester, NY                   
Sunday December 25th- Christmas  Day                           
6:00am   Nancy's Christmas Stories read by Nancy Lefkowitz                   
7:00    Local Newspaper                      
9:00   Christmas Short Stories with Debbie read by Debbie Morand                   
10:00   The End of the Story read by Judy Bart                   
10:30    Judy's Hannukah Special read by  Judy Bart                   
11:00    Chita's Christmas Tree read by Dee Fuerst                   
    Reindeer Moon read by  Mark Kimbal Moulton from CRIS Radio                  
11:30    Christmas Memory read by Laura Horochowski                   
12 Noon    The Story of Holly & Ivy read by Dee Fuerst                   
1pm    Christmas Stories read by Samatha Dickens                   
2:00    Christmas Stories  read by  Nancy Levokowitz                   
3:00    Flagstaff Christmas Holiday Party Presented by the Flagstaff Volunteers                   
5:00    Christmas with the Cranks    DVS Movie                
7:00    Theatre Christmas Carol with Ronald Coleman  presented by Bruce Halperin                   
8:00    Christmas Miracles read by   Bill Graham                   
8:30    Christmas Stories with Hannah read by  Hannah Schroder                   
9:00pm   Enjoy the Holiday with Jay read by  Jay Kyle Petersen                   
9:30    A Sci-Fi Christmas read by  Joyce Wilson                   
10:00  The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice 2016. presented by  Public Radio International                   
12Midnight    A Rochester Festival of Lessons and Carols 2016 presented by WXXI-Rochester, NY                   
1:00    Hannukah Special  with  Judy Bart                   
1:30    Christmas Stories read by  Diane Salsbury                   
2:00    Hannah's Christmas Stories read by  Hannah Schroder                   
2:30    Christmas Stories read by  Mary Kester Key                   
3:00    Christmas Joy presented by the  Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
3:30    A Magical Season presented by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir                   
4:00    Angie's Christmas Mystery Stories  read by  Angie Gorkoff                   
5:00    An Irish Christmas with Ruth Bronstein                   
Monday December 26th                           
6:00am   Kwanza Stories  with  Joyce Vespar                   
7:00    Local Newspapers                    
9:00    Regular Programming                     
Saturday December 31- New Years Eve                           
8pm     DVS Movie-  Larry Crown - A romantic comedy with Tom Hanks as an unemployed middle-aged executive who falls for Julia Roberts, a college professor, while taking classes to reinvent himself.    

Sunday January 1- New Years Day
3:00  Capitol Steps Politics Takes a Holiday New Years Edition 2016