Schedule Changes

We have added a lot of new programs and made some changes to our schedule. Here are the changes:

Careers – 6am Monday morning
Our Voices Our Sounds - 3pm Monday afternoon, 1:30am Monday overnight
Yuma Life - Tuesday 5pm
Arizona Capitol Times - Wednesday morning at 1am
Disability News - Wednesday 8pm, Saturday 10am
Women’s Magazines - Thursday morning 2am
Earth & Home- Thursday morning 3am
Noticias de Arizona - Thursday 11am & Friday morning 3:30am
Salud con H – Thursday 11:30am & Friday morning 4:00am
Lumberjack - Saturday 9:00am
Disability News - Saturday 10am
Diabetes Newsletter - Sunday morning 4:00am
Big Picture Science - Sunday 4pm
New Letters on the Air - Sunday 10:30pm, 3rd & 5th Saturday of the month at 11am